I still haven’t taken another photograph but I have made some progress against my impossible photography project.  Last night I finally screwed up enough bravery and installed both the software and manuals that came with my Canon EOS 600D onto my laptop.  This was remarkably easy and, as an added bonus, my old, sometimes unreliable, laptop survived!  I sorted through the last of the photos I had taken with my old camera, which I shall keep using at times for the sheer convenience of being able to pop it in a pocket or sling it in rucksack, and uploaded them to Flickr.  And, the big success of the day, I managed to transfer the first few photos I took with the Canon to my laptop, manipulate them through ACDSee, and upload those as well.

I think I’ll make a little gallery or two of my favourite photos taken with my old Ricoh and the first, absolutely full auto mode, taken with the Canon as a short of baseline against which to measure progress.  I am already blown away by how nicely the Canon capture a few of my friends at a party last week.

And, oh yes, I finally wrote something to put here.