Casper at grass Olympic eventing

Well, sort of. Two of my photos have been put in an online booklet produced with a flickr toy at Pimpampum (bizarre name for a website). I guess that must mean that there’s at least one person out there who likes them. Both these photos were taken with my old Ricoh so are not really part of the impossible photography project but I still like to see who’s doing what with my photos.

Shame Pimpampum don’t give the credit they should. Their website says credit is given in the form of a link back to flickr, but there are no links with my photos which is annoying. To be absolutely clear, I should add that there is a click back to the original on flickr on the screen which shows when you close the book but I think the link should be from the photo directly. Does this sort of thing irritate anyone else?

Have a look at the whole booklet.